Video Art and Films


Something for the Archives 2021

During my final semester at Pratt, I took a class where we shot on a Bolex 16mm camera. Continuing with the themes from the previous video, I decided to shoot candid moments of myself and my friends--some planned, some not. This video is an edited montage of clips from those reels, with an edited audio track of myself on the guitar while my partner sings, both of us improvising as we go. The best memories are always improvised. 


What Are the Kids Up to These Days? 2020 

For the past year or so, I've been recording bits and pieces of the adventures and interactions i have with my friends. There is a special feeling in each of these memories. The essence of youth today is captured in these candid moments of my friends and our nonchalantly crass humor, and the careless freedom of having a wonderfully unpredictable future. I think it's only fitting it was recorded mostly on an iPhone. 

final video .mp4

Some Say I'm Conceited 2020

On the opposite end of my self-image journey, I present this performance of self-care, self-appreciation, self-realization. I care for my skin, my hair, my nutrition, and ultimately, my spirit. I have realized my worth does not lie in my appearance, it lies within my humanity. I express the care for my body as a way of accepting my humanness, and that the only personal ritual my body should participate in is one of tenderness, and not scrutiny. 

Salmon Ela.mp4

Salmon Ela 2018

This video is a part of the Prendi il Carne e Lasci l'Ossatura project. In this performance, I drew a connection between the mutilation of the raw meat-product, with the mental and psychological mutilation of the body, or the self-interpretation of the body. To show this, I mangle the meat in substitute of myself, I take diet pills and scroll through thinspo tumblr, and display the destruction of my femininity and image of beauty. My body is meat, and nothing more.