Elizabeth Butto (B. 1999) is a visual artist, writer, filmmaker, and musician living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, and grew up with a tight-knit Italian-American family that supported and fostered her artistic career. During her adolescence, she was active in many extracurricular art programs in preparation for her applications to top fine-art programs. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2021 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting, Minor in museum and gallery practices, with highest honors. She has received a first and second grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, which funded her education. In 2019, she attended a 5 week residency at Centre Pompadour in Ercourt, France, followed by two weeks at Greenwood Arts on Killeagh, East Cork, Ireland for two weeks.

Butto primarily uses her work as a means of analyzing and investigating her observations of the worll around her - having Austim, she has often struggles to communicate her thoughts effectivley through verbal or written means. The visual hand not only offers a means of expression for concepts otherwise incommunicable, but also serves as a method for processing these thoughts internally - turning pure emotion into something more recognizable. 

Currently, she lives and works in Brooklyn, NY in Fine Art Logistics while maintaining her visual arts career during non-working hours.